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The latest version of the world-leading open-flow cryogenic gas cooler

From its highly stable, precise temperature control to its fast cooldown time and integrated autofill, every iteration of the Cryostream has expanded the list of available features. Now, forty years since its invention, our engineers have created the new Cryostream 1000, incorporating elegant design with a focus on reliability, simplicity and ease of use.

The latest version of the world-leading open-flow cryogenic gas cooler unifies the controller, pump and dry-air unit into a single gas supply module (GSM). This minimises the system’s overall footprint while simplifying cabling and installation and improves the user experience.

New Electronics

All new electronics and firmware provide combined status reports and intelligent diagnostic information, enabling the system to issue service notifications, automatically regulate the shield flow and run with greater energy efficiency. The control software now supports new functionality for remote annealing, offering precise, low latency control of the gas flow over the sample.

Redesigned Coldhead

The newly designed coldhead now includes an LED status indicator, providing the user with immediate visual feedback when needed most. The pump-out port has been relocated to the rigid leg, eliminating the need to remove the coldhead from the cabinet while performing vacuum regeneration.

Improved Planned Maintenance

Improved Pump-out Port Design: Relocated to the rigid leg and re-designed for ease of use, this eliminates the requirement to remove the coldhead from the cabinet during vacuum regeneration.

Service & Maintenance: Within all Cryostream 1000s is a storage compartment containing all spare parts required for a full service. This, coupled with its modular design, ensures maintenance can be performed quickly and easily by the user, reducing unscheduled downtime.

2 Year Standard Warranty: All Cryostream 1000 systems ship with a two year warranty as standard.

More Functionality

Remote Annealing: Controlled and programable interruption of the gas flow over the sample for annealing without physical manipulation (also available via an open network protocol).

Auto Shield Flow: Automatically optimised shield gas flow rates, eliminating potential user error.

Intelligent Diagnostics: An integrated real-time clock now tracks the use of the system, notifying the user of upcoming service requirements, helping to eliminate unscheduled downtime.

Eco Mode: Continual monitoring of the dry-air module eliminates any unnecessary run time, saving energy and reducing maintenance.

Cryostream 1000

Take Your Research To The Next Level

Precise Cryogenic Sample Cooling Made Simple

Gas Supply Module (GSM)
Dimensions & weight Max (43cm W x 57cm D x 87cm H, 75kg)
Mains Power supply 100- 120VAC 50/60Hz

220-240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption 1.0kW
Liquid nitrogen consumption 0.6 litres/hour* at 5 litres/minute gas flow
Temperature stability 0.1 Kelvin
Cool-down time to 100 Kelvin 20 minutes
Temperature range 80-400 Kelvin Standard

80-500 Kelvin for Plus and Compact

Length of flexible transfer line 1500 mm or 3000 mm
ES60 Dewar
Volume 60 litres
Construction welded stainless steel with brushed finish
Overall height 725 mm
Overall diameter 457 mm
Internal depth 650 mm
Weight empty 36 kg
Weight full Approx 96 kg
Neck size NW50 KF fitting 50mm bore
Max. table to sample height (Cryostream vertical) 600 mm


Max. horizontal distance to sample from Varibeam column 430 mm


Weight 7 kg
Calibrated level probe Transfer line length 1.5m standard / 4m optionally
Gas Supply Module to Pressurised Dewar Distance (dependant upon Option Selection) 6m Nominal, 9m Maximum
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