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Freeing you up from maintaining lab equipment to spend more time on research

We understand how valuable time spent on research is. It’s the main reason we’ve designed all of our coolers to be as low maintenance and easy to use as possible. It’s also one of the reasons our coolers are the most popular choice for diffraction. No piece of kit is entirely maintenance free though, which is why we offer a choice of pre-paid service contracts for our Cryostream and Cobra cryogenic systems.

Extended warranty and maintenance contracts for ease of budgeting and peace of mind

Our value-driven extended warranties and maintenance contracts help you keep control of your budgets as well as providing peace of mind for years to come. Extended warranties and maintenance contracts are available across our Cryostream and Cobra systems for both new and existing products. If you are about to purchase one or have had one for years, we have a support package for you.

Proactive cover for your equipment

What’s included:

Essentials Package can be purchased for one or more years. Not only does it include all the necessary parts to keep your Oxford Cryosystems equipment in optimum condition, but it also gives you the reassurance of having one of Oxford Cryosystems’ trained engineers visit to perform the service tasks on-site. You don’t need to worry about remembering when a service is due either, we proactively monitor the age of your equipment, and contact you when a service is due.

Extended Warranty  purchasing an essentials package alongside a brand new cryogenic system? Why not add an extension to the standard warranty so that you can rest assured that whatever happens, you can benefit from our unlimited support.

Parts only – perhaps you’re feeling hands-on and only need the service parts. In that case, we offer parts only contracts, so when your equipment reaches it’s service interval, you know you’ll have everything you need.

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