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Put our talented team of engineers. scientists and technicians to work on your project

Over the last 35 years, our team has honed it’s expertise and knowledge. We are fortunate to be able to recruit the most talented design engineers, scientists and skilled technicians from across the world to work as part of our small but dedicated team.

Aside from our own world-renowned products, we use this expertise to provide bespoke and collaborative services to our academic and industrial partners to help them further their projects and develop new innovations.

We're perfectly placed to help you develop the potential of your new project

Because we are a small team, we can be incredibly agile and have the ability to respond quickly to your needs. However, small does not mean we lack punch!

Our collective knowledge and experience draws on decades of experience in the design and manufacture of cooling devices. As such, we are perfectly placed to collaborate with you to explore the potential of your applications and bespoke design.

If you have an application or technology that requires a complex or bespoke solution, get in touch for a chat to see how we can help.

How we're working with others

We love hearing about novel applications for our products, and will help in any way we can to optimise a system for a particular project. Some of our current collaborations include:

  • Investigating and manufacturing a power saving air-cooled helium compressor for desert-based radio-astronomy applications in collaboration with Oxford University.
  • Investigating the optimisation of open flow helium cryostats for use with powder samples in capillaries in collaboration with Diamond Light Source.
  • Developing specialised dry air units for supplying very dry air to detectors.
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Our team of experts are on hand to discuss and advise on your next project. We understand that when it comes to cooling systems, one size does not fit all. Get in touch for a free and no obligation discussion about your specific requirements.