The clever little solution for cooling small molecules.

The Smartstream offers the optimum solution for small molecule crystallographers, with a base temperature of 170 K ( – 103° C ) without liquid nitrogen, and importantly, with virtually no requirement for maintenance or services such as cooling water! Smartstream consists of:

  • Smartstream Cooler with integrated controller & nozzle
  • High purity dry air unit, optimised for Smartstream
  • Optional table stand and optional Varibeam stand

The Smartstream has been designed to be easily integrated with most X-ray systems, whether freestanding or benchtop

  • Temperature range of 170 – 400 K or 170 - 500 K for Smartstream Plus
  • Integrated 800 series controller with touch screen and one-touch start, USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Compatible with benchtop and freestanding X-ray systems
  • Uses dry air, no liquid or gaseous nitrogen required
  • Minimal service requirements
Mode of operation

The Smartstream is designed to be used with dry air from a high purity version of Oxford Cryosystems’ quiet and reliable dry air unit.

This dry air is split into two streams, one of which is cooled by passing it through heat exchangers mounted on a mini Stirling Cooler built into the Smartstream. The cold dry air is then passed out of the nozzle and over the sample. Heaters and sensors built into the Smartstream head ensure excellent temperature stability of 0.1 K. The second stream of dry air is regulated to create a room temperature shield flow, which avoids the possibility of ice build-up on the sample.

The new Smartstream design means that unlike comparable systems, constant pumping is no longer required. Instead, the system will hold vacuum for a period of 6 – 12 months, when like a Cryostream, it will simply need evacuation.

Technical specifications

Temperature Range: 170 - 400 Kelvin  or 170 - 500 Kelvin for Smartstream Plus

Temperature Stability: 0.1 Kelvin

Cold Gas Flow Rate 5 litres / Minute

Shroud Gas Flow Rate 10 Litres / Minute or 13 Litres /Minute in Turbo mode

Cooldown Time to 170K : 50 minutes

Base Unit Dimensions:  263mm W x 425mm D x 426mm H

Base Unit Weight: 25 kg

Delivery Nozzle:  As per 800 Series Cryostream (drawings available on request)

Flexible Transfer Line Length: 1500mm

Power Requirements:  100-120 V 60Hz or 200-240 V 50Hz

Power Consumption 400VA max

Dimensions:  630mm W x 415mm H x 300mm D

Weight: 42kg

Power Requirements: 100- 240V 50 or 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 750VA max

Gas Type: Clean dry air or nitrogen

Atmospheric Dew Point: better than -70°C

Delivery Pressure: 1 bar or 15 psi

Flow Rate : At least 15 litres / Minute

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