Dual flow nitrogen and helium gas cooler

The N-HeliX from Oxford Cryosystems offers temperatures as low as 28 K whilst avoiding the expense and logistical issues associated with liquid helium.
The N-HeliX has been designed to be economical to run, using a minimal gas flow. This means that a typical helium gas cylinder will last approximately 16-20 hours, and by linking cylinders in a manifold, long term experiments can be performed.  The N-HeliX is now offered with Oxford Cryosystems’ 800 series controller, offering an ergonomic design with a touch screen, and comes with USB and ethernet ports, allowing users to monitor and control their system via our web interface, Oxford Connect.

Whilst having been designed for single crystal samples, users are also starting to see some exciting results when using the N-HeliX to cool capillary powder samples. The HeliX may be used in either a vertical or horizontal position.

  • Temperature range of 28 – 300 K
  • Excellent temperature stability of 0.3 K  
  • Uses helium gas from cylinders- NOT liquid helium  
  • Uses nitrogen or helium gas  
  • Remote control available via CryoConnector and Oxford Connect  
  • Fast cool-down to 100 Kelvin in just 45 minutes and 30 Kelvin in 75 minutes
  • Now with new 800 series touch screen controller
Mode of operation

Helium or nitrogen gas is cooled by passing it through heat exchangers mounted on a two stage, closed cycle cooler. The cold helium or nitrogen gas then passes out of the nozzle and over the sample. 
The closed cycle cooler is mounted within the body of the N-HeliX and is driven by a helium compressor. The helium in this circuit is unrelated to the cold flow and is recycled by the compressor. 

A second gas stream at room temperature provides extra shielding for the cold stream in order to improve the resistance to icing. For helium usage, a 10mm diameter X-ray transparent Beryllium shield tube extends around and beyond the crystal to protect the cold stream from atmospheric contamination. Notches within the tube walls prevent primary X-ray beam diffraction and also allow accurate crystal positioning. This can be changed to a standard aluminium nozzle for data collection at nitrogen temperatures.

Technical specifications

Temperature range: 28- 300 Kelvin (100 -300 Kelvin with nitrogen)
Nitrogen gas flow rate:  8 litres per minute (total of inner and outer streams)
Helium gas flow rate: 7.5 litres per minute (total of inner and outer streams)
Temperature stability: 0.3 Kelvin
Cool down time to 100 Kelvin: 45 minutes
Cool down time to 30 Kelvin: 75 minutes
N-HeliX coldhead weight:  10.8 kg, 2D or 3D drawing available on request

Dimensions & weight:  263 mm W x 141 mm H x 299 mm D
Mains Power supply: 100- 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:  500VA

Weights & dimensions: 100 kg, 639mm H x 610mm D x 540mm W

Electrical requirements: 50 Hz 200 – 240 V , 60 Hz  208 – 230 V

Operating current: 17.0 A (@240 V) 15.7 A (@230 V)

Operating power: 3.4 kW (@ 240 V, 3.6 kW (@230 V

Supply fuse rating: 20 A (Starting current: 65 A)

Water cooling requirement: Chiller of 3.0 kW,  typical flow  rate 5 l/min at 18 C

Dimensions & weight:  300mm W x 600mm H x 300mm L, 23kg 
Mains Power supply: 230V 50/60 Hz or 115V 50/60Hz 

Gas purity: >97.5% purity 
Gas pressure: Must be regulated to 1 bar (Max pressure 10 bar) 
Gas flow:  10 - 15 litres per minute
Atmospheric dewpoint of gas:  -60°C or better 
Gas outlet fitting: ¼” BSPP female (or male with a 120 mm radial clearance for a regulator) 

Weights & dimensions: 95 kg, 900 mm W x 700 mm H x 310 mm D

Electrical power supply:  230V, 50Hz, 100V 50Hz, 120V 60Hz, 100V 60H

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