K450 helium compressor

Oxford Cryosystems  launched our new K450 helium compressor in 2018, superseding the Coolstar Cryodrive. The K450 offers a more robust and efficient solution for delivering compressed helium to our range of coldheads, in addition to controlling the coldhead motor speed, allowing the user to optimise the performance for faster cooldown and longer service intervals.

The capability for closed loop control of cooling power and the easily integrated Cryoconnector software allows full incorporation into complex OEM systems.

  • Purpose-built helium compressor for Coolstar coldheads
  • Controls coldhead speed for optimised performance
  • Multi-drive capability enables up to 2 coldheads to be driven from a single compressor
  • Backwards compatible with all Coolstar coldheads
  • Long service interval of 30,000 hours for adsorber change
Technical specifications

Supply Voltage: 200 – 240 V @ 50 Hz, 208 – 230 V @ 60 Hz

Operating Current: 17.0 A @ 240 V, 15.7 A @ 230 V

Operating Power: 3.4 kW

Supply Fuse Rating: 20 A  (Locked Rotor Current: 60 A)

Weights and dimensions: 540 mm W x 639 mm H x 610 mm D, 100 kg

  • 3 kW chiller cooling power
  • 2-6 l/min regulated flow rate depending on temperature
  • 2-7 Bar (29-101 PSI, at point of delivery) regulated supply pressure
  • +8 to +26°C supply temperature depending on flow rate
  • pH 6.0 to pH 8.0
  • Particle size < 300 μm 
  • It is recommended that the user's water cooling circuit has a suitable filter fitted upstream of the K450 to prevent fouling of the heat exchangers
  • Maximum 75 parts per million Calcium Carbonate concentration
  • Cooling water points and connectors (1/2” bore reinforced plastic hose and connectors provided)
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