Cryostream-like efficiency and reliability without the liquid

Cobra uses nitrogen gas instead of liquid, offering complete freedom from the challenges of liquid nitrogen such as storage, logistical and safety issues or simply the worry and responsibility of remembering to refill the Dewar. In fact, the Cobra can be left to run for weeks or even months without any user intervention, offering complete peace of mind and a stress-free laboratory environment.

Like the Cryostream, the Cobra is fully programmable, and can produce a cold stream at any temperature between 80 and 500 Kelvin, with a stability of 0.1 Kelvin. If a laboratory nitrogen gas supply is available, this can be used for the Cobra. Otherwise, an optional nitrogen gas generator can be provided, which produces pure dry nitrogen gas from the air.

  • No liquid nitrogen required
  • Temperature range of 80-400 K or 80-500 K for the Plus
  • Excellent stability of 0.1 K with ability to log and record temperatures
  • New controller, offering an ergonomic design with a touch screen, USB and ethernet ports
  • Complete programmability and ability to monitor and control remotely via Cryoconnector software and Oxford Connect
Mode of operation

Room temperature compressed nitrogen gas is cooled by the Cobra refrigerator (which incorporates a GM closed cycle cooler) and delivered to the Cobra head via a vacuum insulated transfer line.  Whilst the Cobra head is smaller than the Cryostream coldhead, the dimensions of the nozzle have been retained, meaning the Varibeam support stand can be used to support and position the gas delivery head.

An external stream of nitrogen gas (or dry air) at room temperature provides the shield gas, which prevents icing of the sample

Technical specifications

Temperature range: 80-400 Kelvin (or 80-500 Kelvin for Cobra Plus)

Nitrogen gas flow rate: 5 or 10 litres/minute

Temperature stability: 0.1 Kelvin

Cool down time to 100 Kelvin: 40 minutes

Length of transfer line: 2000 mm

Cobra refrigerator weights & dimensions: 15kg,  278 mm x 200 mm x 277 mm

Dimensions & weight: 263 mm W x 141 mm H x 299 mm D

Mains Power supply: 100- 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 500VA

Weights & dimensions: 100 kg, 639mm H x 610mm D x 540mm W

Electrical requirements: 50 Hz 200 – 240 V , 60 Hz  208 – 230 V

Operating current: 17.0 A (@240 V) 15.7 A (@230 V)

Operating power: 3.4 kW (@ 240 V, 3.6 kW (@230 V

Supply fuse rating: 20 A (Starting current: 65 A)

Water cooling requirement: Chiller of 3.0 kW,  typical flow  rate 5 l/min at 18 C

Gas purity: >97.5%

Gas pressure: Regulated to 1 bar (max pressure 10 bar)

Gas flow: Approx 25 litres/minute per Cobra

Atmospheric dewpoint of gas: -60°C or better

Gas outlet fitting: ¼” BSPP female

Weights & dimensions: 95 kg, 900 mm W x 700 mm H x 310 mm D

Electrical power supply:  230V, 50Hz, 100V 50Hz, 120V 60Hz, 100V 60H

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