Cooling and heating chamber for powder diffraction

The Chimera is the new variable temperature chamber for flat plate powder samples from Oxford Cryosystems, with a temperature range of 70- 525 K, and excellent stability of 0.1 K. Unlike traditional cooling and heater chambers, the Chimera works by incorporating an Oxford Cryosystems single stage GM cooler, meaning that no liquid nitrogen is required.

    For further information on integration of the Chimera with your powder diffractometer, we recommend you speak to the relevant X-ray company or contact us for further details.

    • Incorporates single stage Oxford Cryosystems GM coldhead, so no consumption of cryogens
    • Temperature range of 70- 525 K and excellent stability of 0.1 K
    • Ramp rates of  1-360 K/hour  for complete temperature control
    • Cooldown to 100 K from RT in 35 minutes
    • Warm up to 525 K from RT in 40 minutes
    Mode of operation

     A single stage Gifford McMahon (GM) closed cycle cooler made by Oxford Cryosystems is mounted within the body of the Chimera and operates using compressed helium gas provided by the Cryodrive compressor. Note that that there is no helium gas consumption in this system and the helium gas circuit in the Cryodrive/Coldhead combination is sealed. The sample stage is cooled by conduction between the sample stage and the cold stage of the Coldhead. The Chimera sample temperature is measured at the sample stage. Heat leaks within the coldhead are reduced by a radiation shield incorporating Aluminised Kapton windows, and the robust Chimera lid incorporates X-ray transparent windows of carbon fibre. A number of 20mm diameter chromium plated copper sample stages are provided with the Chimera system, however different materials may be available at an additional charge. A vacuum system is used to continuously pump the space around the cryostat to minimise unwanted heat leaks into the system

    Technical specifications

    Temperature range: 70- 525  K

    Temperature stability: 0.1 K

    Cool down time to 70 K: 35 minutes from RT

    Warm up time to 525 K:  40 minutes from RT

    Chimera cryostat dimensions & weight: 120 mm W x 302mm L x 259 mm H, 6 kg

    Window materials: Chimera lid windows 0.3mm carbon fibre, radiation shield windows 0.025mm Aluminised Kapton

    Sample mounts: 20mm diameter Chromium-plated copper flat and 20mm diameter Chromium-plated copper sample holder with 1mm recess 

    Dimensions & weight: 263 mm W x 141 mm H x 299 mm D

    Mains Power supply: 100- 240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Power Consumption: 500VA

    Weights & dimensions: 100 kg, 639mm H x 610mm D x 540mm W

    Electrical requirements: 50 Hz 200 – 240 V , 60 Hz  208 – 230 V

    Operating current: 17.0 A (@240 V) 15.7 A (@230 V)

    Operating power: 3.4 kW (@ 240 V, 3.6 kW (@230 V

    Supply fuse rating: 20 A (Starting current: 65 A)

    Water cooling requirement: Chiller of 3.0 kW,  typical flow  rate 5 l/min at 18 C

    Dimensions & weight 510 mm W  x 740 mm H x 360 mm D

    Mains Power supply 220/240V 50/60 Hz or 115V 50/60Hz 

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