A unique low temperature cryostat for powder diffraction

The PheniX is a unique closed cycle helium cryostat specifically designed for powder diffraction at very low temperatures. Our design is easy to set up and facilitates accessibility to the sample stage. The PheniX can be mounted onto a vertical goniometer, and supplied with mounting plates for various powder systems. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you on the integration of the PheniX with your powder diffractometer.



  • Compact chamber for easy sample access
  • Base Temperature: 12-290K
  • Fast Cooldown:
    • 20K in 40 mins
    • 12K in 60 mins
  • Fast Warm-up:
    • 12K to room temperature in 45 mins
  • Stability of 0.1K

How it works

A two stage Gifford McMahon (GM) closed cycle cooler made by Oxford Cryosystems is mounted within the body of the PheniX and operates using compressed helium gas provided by the K450 helium compressor. Note that there is no helium gas consumption in this system and the helium gas circuit in the Cryodrive/Coldhead combination is sealed. The sample is cooled by the conduction of heat between the sample stage and the cold stages of the Coldhead, and the PheniX sample temperature is measured at the sample stage. Heat leaks within the PheniX are reduced by a radiation shield incorporating 0.005mm mylar windows, and the robust PheniX lid incorporates X-ray transparent windows of 0.25mm carbon fibre.

A number of 20mm diameter chromium plated copper sample stages are provided with the PheniX system, however different materials may be available at an additional charge. A vacuum system (supplied) is used to continuously pump the vacuum space around the PheniX internals and the rotating seal to minimise unwanted heat leaks into the system.

The Phenix Front Loader | An innovative powder chamber for fast sample changing at 40 Kelvin

The Phenix Front Loader was designed as a bespoke variant of the Phenix for one of our customers, who required cold-loading of samples. It has since become a commercially available variant of the Phenix.  The PheniX Front Loader is the ideal choice for labs that require a fast turnaround, as there is no need to warm and re-cool the system in between samples. Additionally, the PheniX Front Loader lends itself well to applications where vacuum would be undesirable. It can be easily customised to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch to arrange a call with one of our team of experts to find out more.

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