Coolers specifically designed for powder diffraction

Whether cooling samples in capillaries in transmission geometry or flat-plate powder samples in reflection geometry, we have a solution to meet your needs.

For fast sample cooling and heating whilst avoiding icing issues for capillary samples, our Cryostream 800 Compact has been designed specifically for powder systems with a standard temperature range of 80 – 500 Kelvin and a shorter nozzle to enable horizontal mounting in XRD enclosures.

For reflection mode geometries, we offer the Chimera and PheniX, cryostats; 70-525 Kelvin, and 12-290 Kelvin respectively. All systems incorporate our own GM coolers, thereby avoiding use of liquid nitrogen or helium. Our PheniX Front Loader allows instant and simple cold-loading of powder samples to a 40K non-vacuum environment.

Cryostream Compact

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PheniX Front Loader

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30+ years in the making

From humble beginnings in a lab at Oxford University in the 1980s we have grown into an innovative, high-tech, commercial organisation with three distinct product lines, twenty staff and an annual turnover in the millions of pounds.

Our devices can be found in some of the most innovative laboratories around the world and we work in partnership with many of our customers to create bespoke solutions that enables ground-breaking research.

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