The most versatile and cost-effective Gifford McMahon (GM) Cryocoolers available

Our Coolstar range is the only commercially available range of Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers offer complete control of the Coldhead speed, fast cooling, long service intervals and easy OEM integration.

Ideal for use in a range of different applications, the Coolstar range can cool for High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, custom cryostat design and Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for radioastronomy.

Our team are currently working with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), an international US$1.9 billion project to build the world’s largest radio telescope. Over the next 10 years, hundreds of antennae will be built in South Africa with, potentially, up to 4 of our cryocoolers on each dish.

Coolstar Single and Two Stage Coldheads

The Coolstar range of single and two stage coldheads are some of the smallest GM coldheads available and ideal for systems where space is at a premium. The single stage range is comprised of the 0/12 and 0/40 models, respectively delivery cooling powers of 12 and 40 W at 77 K. The two stage range offers a choice
of 2/9 and 6/30 models, both delivering base temperatures as low as 10 K.

Single Stage Coldheads

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Two Stage Coldheads

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Helium Compressor

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From humble beginnings in a lab at Oxford University in the 1980s we have grown into an innovative, high-tech, commercial organisation with three distinct product lines, twenty staff and an annual turnover in the millions of pounds.

Our devices can be found in some of the most innovative laboratories around the world and we work in partnership with many of our customers to create bespoke solutions that enables ground-breaking research.

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