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Oxford Cryosystems has a wide range of coolers for X-ray diffraction, and choosing the optimum system can be far from straightforward.  Our coolers include nitrogen and helium based systems, open flow gas streams for single crystal and flat-plate powder chambers, and a choice of liquid nitrogen or GM-cooler based technologies.

As a starting point, our product selector will help you narrow down the options.  However for a more personalised quote and discussion about your lab and requirements, fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you, either directly or via one of our trusted local agents if appropriate.


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We understand that when it comes to cooling systems, one size does not fit all. So contact us for a sensible discussion about your needs, without any pressure or commitment.

CryoConnector and Oxford Connect

Our free software and web portal for remote control, monitoring and logging of your Oxford Cryosystems device.

Technical support

Our friendly technical support team are always to happy to hear from customers needing advice on the best way to use our systems.