Dual Flow Cooler

Our innovative N-Helix system runs at temperatures as low as 28 K whilst also being economical to run, using a minimal gas flow and avoiding the issues associated with liquid helium.

A typical helium gas cylinder lasts around 16-20 hours, and by linking cylinders in a manifold, long term experiments can be performed. We’ve integrated the N-Helix with our Cryosystems’ 800 series controller to give you an ergonomic, touch screen design that comes with USB and ethernet ports, so you can monitor and control your system via our web interface, Oxford Connect.

Originally designed for single crystal samples, our customers are also starting to see some exciting results when using the N-Helix to cool capillary powder samples.



  • Broad Temperature Range: 28-300K
  • High Stability: 0.3K
  • Uses Nitrogen or Helium Gas
  • Fast cool-down:
    • 100K in 45 mins
    • 30K in 75 mins
  • Remote control and monitor via CryoConnect and Oxford Connect

How it works

Helium or nitrogen gas is cooled by passing it through heat exchangers mounted on a two stage, closed cycle cooler. The cold helium or nitrogen gas then passes out of the nozzle and over the sample.

The closed cycle cooler is mounted within the body of the N-HeliX and is driven by a helium compressor. The helium in this circuit is unrelated to the cold flow and is recycled by the compressor.

A second gas stream at room temperature provides extra shielding for the cold stream in order to improve the resistance to icing. For helium usage, a 10mm diameter X-ray transparent Beryllium shield tube extends around and beyond the crystal to protect the cold stream from atmospheric contamination. Notches within the tube walls prevent primary X-ray beam diffraction and also allow accurate crystal positioning. This can be changed to a standard aluminium nozzle for data collection at nitrogen temperatures.

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