For High-Throughput Experiments

Cryogen-Free. Limitless Performance.

The Cobra is a cryogen free open-flow cooler with precise temperature controls in the range of 80-500K. Instead of using liquid nitrogen to sustain those temperatures, it uses nitrogen gas, meaning your laboratory can be completely free from the pains of LN2 storage, dewar management and safety procedures.

For laboratories that do not have an in-house supply of nitrogen, the Cobra is supplied with a nitrogen generator, a bespoke variant on the Parker Hannifin NitroFlow. With this continuous supply of nitrogen, the Cobra can perform without interruption or intervention for up to year, perfect for high-throughput screenings in drug discovery or materials science.



  • Cryogen Free
  • Limitless Run-Time
  • Temperature range: 80-400K (80-500K Plus)
  • Stability: 0.1K
  • Seamless integration with most commercial x-ray diffractometers
  • Monitor and control remotely via Cryoconnect software and Oxford Connect

How it works

Room temperature compressed nitrogen gas is cooled to <80K by the Cobra refrigerator (which incorporates a Gifford McMahon closed cycle cooler) and is delivered to the Cobra head via a vacuum insulated transfer line. Although the Cobra head is smaller than the Cryostream coldhead, the dimensions of the nozzle have been retained, meaning the Varibeam support stand can be used to support and posision the gas delivery head.

An external stream of nitrogen gas (or dry air) at room temperature provides the shelf gas, with a laminar flow system refined across 40 years of development to ensure that ice formation anywhere near the sample is extremely low, and that the temperature at the sample is accurately mapped and stable to within .01K.

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