Multidrive Capability for the GM Coolstar Range

Our K450 helium compressor offers a robust and efficient solution for delivering compressed helium to our range of coldheads. Launched in 2018, this upgraded system replaced the Coolstar Cryodrive. In addition to controlling the coldhead motor speed, the K450 allows you to optimise performance for faster cooldown and longer service intervals. Offering capability for closed loop control of cooling power and easily integrated with the Cryoconnector software, the K450 gives you full incorporation into complex OEM systems.

The K450 Helium Compressor delivers compressed helium for the operation of our Coolstar coldheads range. The multidrive capability of the K450 enables up to 2 coldheads to be driven from a single compressor, depending on coldhead and compressor sizes. The capacity for closed loop control of cooling power allows full integration into complex custom cryostats via our proprietary Cryoconnector software.

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