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Compact, Variable Speed GM Cryocoolers

The Coolstar range of Gifford McMahon Cryocoolers has long been regarded as one of the most versatile, compact and cost effective cooling solutions available. Comprising of single-stage and two-stage coldheads, coupled with our custom designed K450 helium compressor, Coolstar Cryocoolers offer fast cool-down times, variable coldhead speed and compact size, making them the perfect choice for integration into a wide range of applications: High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, custom cryostat design, Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for radioastronomy and more.


COMPACT DESIGN: Small coldhead allows easier installation where space it at a premium.

EFFICIENT AND POWERFUL: Capable of reaching 10K with single-phase eletrical power in ~20 minutes.

MULTI-DRIVE CAPABILITY: Enables up to two coldheads to be driven from a single compressor.

PROPIETARY SOFTWARE: Cryoconnector is a free programme that is easily integrated and features local PC and online control.

Single Stage Coldheads

The coolstar single-stage cryocooler range includes the 0/12 and 0/40 models, respectively delivering cooling powers of 12 and 40 W at 77 K.

0/40 0/12

Two Stage Coldheads

The Coolstar two-stage coldheads include the 2/9 model (delivering cooling power of 2W at 20K and 9W at 77K) and the 6/30 model (delivering cooling power of 6W at 20K and 30W at 77K). Both coldheads can reach a base temperature of 10K.

6/30 2/9

K450 Helium Compressor

The K450 Helium Compressor delivers compressed helium for the operation of our Coolstar coldheads range. The multidrive capability of the K450 enables up to 2 coldheads to be driven from a single compressor, depending on coldhead and compressor sizes. The capacity for closed loop control of cooling power allows full integration into complex custom cryostats via our proprietary Cryoconnector software.

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