Single Crystal Diffraction

Our range of open flow gas coolers are designed with single crystal diffraction in mind, with both nitrogen and helium devices available. 

If liquid nitrogen is readily available and cheap, then our flagship system, the Cryostream 800 series may be the optimum system for the lab, with little maintenance and low running costs.

If liquid nitrogen is expensive, however, or logistically difficult, why not look at our Cobra, using a GM cooler to provide base temperatures of 80 K, or the new Smartstream, the clever compact Cooler, delivering 170 K from a single unit without cooling water or complex service?

All of our open flow nitrogen devices are available as a Plus version too, offering temperatures up to 500 K. Together with variable and controlled ramp rates, high stability of 0.1 K, and remote monitoring and control, our open flow devices meet the needs of every single crystal diffraction lab.


The Smartstream offers the optimum solution for small molecule crystallographers, with a base temperature of 170 K ( – 103° C ) without liquid nitrogen.

cryostream 800
Cryostream 800

Our flagship system, offering stable and effective cooling for both single crystal and powder samples.


Combining the efficiency of a Cryostream with the advantages of a non-liquid system, the Cobra offers the ultimate solution for both macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.


The N-HeliX from Oxford Cryosystems allows users to work at temperatures as low as 28 K without the cost or logistical issues of liquid helium.

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