Powder Diffraction

Whether cooling samples in capillaries in transmission geometry or flat-plate powder samples in reflection geometry, Oxford Cryosystems has a solution. Our range of coolers now includes systems specifically designed for powder diffraction.

For capillary samples, using our Cryostream 800 series in a coaxial orientation allows fast sample cooling and heating whilst avoiding icing issues. The Cryostream 800 Compact has been designed specifically for powder systems with a standard temperature range of 80 - 500 Kelvin and a shorter nozzle, thus enabling horizontal mounting in XRD enclosures. Recently, our HeliX system has also been used for cooling capillary powder samples with great results.

For flat-plate samples, we offer the Chimera and PheniX, offering 70-525 Kelvin, and 12-290 Kelvin respectively. Both systems incorporate our own GM coolers, thereby avoiding use of liquid nitrogen or helium. Our PheniX Front Loader is a bespoke version of the PheniX, allowing instant and simple cold-loading of powder samples to a 40K non-vacuum environment.


The Phenix is a unique closed cycle helium cryostat specifically designed for powder diffraction at very low temperatures.

Cryostream Compact

800 series Cryostream optimised for powder samples


The Chimera is the new variable temperature chamber for flat plate powder samples from Oxford Cryosystems, with a temperature range of 70- 525 K, and excellent stability of 0.1 K.


The N-HeliX from Oxford Cryosystems allows users to work at temperatures as low as 28 K without the cost or logistical issues of liquid helium.

Front Loader
PheniX Front Loader

Bespoke powder cryostat, offering 40 – 315 K with cold loading ability.


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