Maintenance contracts

Although low cost maintenance and ease of use make Oxford Cryosystems Coolers the most popular coolers for diffraction, we realise that customers value their research time over time needed to maintain lab equipment.As such, in response to high demand, we are please to offer a choice of pre-paid service contracts. Purchasing an extended warranty or maintenance contract allows budgeting in advance, offering peace of mind for years to come. We can offer contracts for both new and existing Cryostream and Cobra systems, and whichever level of cover you choose, you can be assured that we will proactively coordinate and arrange the servicing of your equipment, ensuring that service intervals are adhered to, and timing never left to chance.

  • Our Essentials Package can be purchased for one or more years. Not only does it include all the necessary parts to keep your Oxford Cryosystems equipment in optimum condition, but it also gives you the reassurance of having one of Oxford Cryosystems’ trained engineers visit to perform the service tasks on-site. We will proactively monitoring of the age of your equipment, and contact you when a service is due.
  • Our Extras Package offers all the reassurance of the Essentials Package, together with an extension to the standard warranty and unlimited support and services as required.

Why not contact us to discuss what level of service would be best, give your laboratory configuration, expected usage and other factors. Investing in the long-term longevity of your equipment may be cheaper than you think!

Request a quote or discussion

We understand that when it comes to cooling systems, one size does not fit all. So contact us for a sensible discussion about your needs, without any pressure or commitment.

CryoConnector and Oxford Connect

Our free software and web portal for remote control, monitoring and logging of your Oxford Cryosystems device.