Bruker designs and manufactures analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis, materials research, structural and surface investigations. Their innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in heavy industry, chemistry, pharmacy, semiconductor, solar, life science, nanotechnology, and academic research to make technological advancements and to accelerate their progress.

All Oxford Cryosystems' devices have been fully integrated into Bruker systems for many years.  These include the Cryostream 800, Cobra, HeliX and Smartstream for single crystal systems including the D8 QUEST or D8 VENTURE. In integrating the Cryostream 800, Bruker have ensured that the cables and the extended transfer line are directed through the labyrinth of the radiation safety enclosure to maintain absolute X-ray safety.

Low temperature systems for powder such as the Cryostream Compact, PheniX and Chimera, have in turn been integrated into Bruker XRD systems including the D8 ADVANCE and D8 DISCOVER.

All Oxford Cryosystems' devices are fully integrated into the Bruker software, allowing the user to set the temperature for each experiment and vary this if required, for examples for phase transition experiments.