Bespoke projects

At Oxford Cryosystems, our team draws on decades of experience in design and manufacture of cooling devices. As such, we like to think we are perfectly placed to explore the potential of new applications and bespoke design.

Projects that we are currently involved in include:

  • A joint collaboration with Oxford University to investigate and manufacture power saving air-cooled helium compressor for desert-based radio-astronomy applications.
  • A collaboration with Diamond Light Source to investigate the optimisation of open flow helium cryostats for use with powder samples in capillaries.
  • Specialised dry air units for supplying very dry air to detectors.

We are always thrilled to hear of novel applications for our products, and will help in any way we can to optimise a system for a particular project - so if none of our devices seem quite right, why not contact us anyway to see what we may be able to offer?

Request a quote or discussion

We understand that when it comes to cooling systems, one size does not fit all. So contact us for a sensible discussion about your needs, without any pressure or commitment.

CryoConnector and Oxford Connect

Our free software and web portal for remote control, monitoring and logging of your Oxford Cryosystems device.