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Innovative coolers with a wide range of applications

We specialise in the design and manufacture of world-class cryogenic devices for the global scientific community. Our ethos has remained the same since the company first launched in 1985; to remain firmly within the crystallography community. This has been key to our success and we are very proud to be considered the leading authorities in cryogenic devices for crystallography.

Our highly specialised scientific instruments and software are all designed and manufactured in the UK. We continue to have close ties with the academic community at Oxford University where our founders, John Cosier and Professor Mike Glazer, first developed the technology.

How our coolers for X-Ray crystallography are used

We are the world-leading supplier of low-temperature devices for X-ray crystallography, with a reputation honed over the last 30 years.

Our Cobra, Cryostream 800 and N-Helix devices can be found in some of the world’s most innovative laboratories. In many cases we work closely with the lab teams to devise bespoke solutions to enable new and ground-breaking experiments to occur.

Our expertise in single crystal diffraction at ultra-low temperatures makes us the perfect choice for your cooling system.

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Coolers for powder diffraction

In response to our customer’s needs we have developed a range of coolers specifically designed for powder diffraction.

These are ideal for use in cooling samples in capillaries in transmission geometry or flat-plate powder samples in reflection geometry.

For fast sample cooling and heating whilst avoiding icing issues for capillary samples, we developed the Cryostream 800 Compact system. Recently, our HeliX system has also been used for cooling capillary powder samples with great results.

For flat-plate samples, many of our customers use the Chimera and PheniX. Both systems incorporate our own GM coolers, thereby avoiding use of liquid nitrogen or helium.

Case Study

Facilitating science that will change our understanding of the universe

Square Kilometre Array

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope is a US$1.9 billion multinational project to deliver the largest, and one of the most technologically advanced, radio astronomy facilities in the world. In 2012, South Africa, along with eight African Partner Countries, was awarded the right to host the mid-frequency component of the SKA – known as SKA_MID.

Our Coolstar range of Gifford McMahon (GM ) Cryocoolers has an outstanding reputation for providing low-cost and effective coolers for the Radio Astronomy community which made us the natural choice to assist the team in the design stage of the project. Over the next 10 years, thousands of antennae will be built in South Africa with, potentially, up to 6 of our cryocoolers on each dish.

Alongside the SKA, sits MeerKat, a powerful radio telescope, that recently enabled scientists to conduct a new study that produced a striking image showing a combination of cosmic features never before seen and revealing unexpected details of the inner workings of enormous radio galaxies. We are extremely proud to have supplied hundreds of coldheads to MeerKat and continue to work closely with the scientific team there.

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