What we do

We supply cutting edge cooling technology to the global scientific community

We are the market-leading UK manufacturer of highly specialised scientific instruments and software for cryogenic cooling devices.

In a lab at Oxford University in the 1980s we have grown into an innovative, high-tech, commercial organisation with three distinct product lines, and maintain a small, dynamic team.

Our devices can be found in high profile innovative laboratories around the world and we collaborate partnership with many of our customers to enable bespoke solutions that enables ground-breaking research.

At the cutting edge of cryogenic cooling since 1985

In the early-mid 1980s two young Oxford University graduates developed the first Cryostream Cooler. That system, developed by John Cosier and Professor Mike Glazer, was intended to be solely used in the University’s Clarendon Laboratory. However, word spread as to it’s effectiveness and requests for similar systems started to flood in. A spin-off company, Oxford Cryosystems, was launched in 1985.

It has always been our priority to remain firmly involved with the crystallography community and we believe this has been crucial to the success of the company. From our collaborations with respected University departments to our sponsorship of the Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize at the ACA, ECM and IUCr meetings, we strongly believe that only by working with the community, can we deliver the products they really need.

Oxford Cryosystems became part of Judges Scientific plc

In July 2017, Oxford Cryosystems became part of Judges Scientific plc, a UK-based group listed on the London Stock Exchange.

To date, our products have contributed to advances in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, telecoms, green energy and astronomy. Customers include universities, high-tech manufacturers, drugs companies and research institutes throughout the world. In fact, more than 80% of production is currently exported. However, at least 90% of the company’s suppliers are British-based – and all manufacturing still takes place in Oxfordshire, just a few miles from the laboratory where it all began.

What we do

We supply cutting edge cooling technology to the global scientific community

Dr Anthony Cooper

Managing Director

Chris Taylor

Operations Director

Ellen Emberson

Finance Director

Dr Zoltán Gál

Head of Marketing & Sales

Dan Bodio

Technical Director
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