GM cryocoolers

Our range of compact and economical Gifford McMahon coolers

The Coolstar range comprises some of the most versatile and cost-effective Cryocoolers available today. With applications as diverse as radioastronomy and shield cooling for magnets, the Coolstar range of Cryocoolers offers fast cooling speeds, long service intervals and easy OEM integration, all at a low cost.

Oxford Cryosystems took over the range (previously manufactured by Edwards High Vacuum) in 2008,  and we now design, manufacture and service Coolstar Coldheads and Cryodrive helium compressors in our Oxford (UK) facility. Utilising our 25 years of experience in cryogenic engineering, we continue to strive to improve performance and service intervals. Originally these coolers were manufactured for integration into our state-of-the-art Coolers for X-ray diffraction, which are world-renowned for their reliability, innovation and ease-of-use. The same advantages that make the coolers so perfect for our own products- namely small size, variable speed and easy integration- also make them extremely attractive for a wider range of applications.

The result is that the Coolstar range is now ideal for  a range of different applications, which may include cooling for High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, custom cryostat design and Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for radioastronomy. We are particularly proud that we are currently involved at the design stage of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), an international US$1.9 billion project to build the world’s largest radio telescope. Over the next 10 years, thousands of antennae will be built in South Africa with, potentially, up to 6 of our cryocoolers on each dish.

We are always excited to hear from potential users of our GM Coolers. If you have cooling requirements, whatever the application, why not contact us to discuss whether one of our GM coolers will be suitable?