PheniX Front Loader

The PheniX Front Loader is an innovative new powder chamber from Oxford Cryosystems. This bespoke cryostat was specifically designed for experiments requiring cold-loading of samples, and also lends itself to applications where vacuum would be undesirable. This also makes the system extremely conducive to labs requiring fast turnaround, as there is no need to warm and re-cool the system in between samples. small

  • Powder cryostat, offering 40 – 315 K
  • Front-loading action & transfer gas offers:
    • Cold-loading for heat sensitive samples
    • Transfer gas for vacuum-sensitive samples
    • Fast sample changeover for high volume operations

As the Front Loader was designed as a bespoke system, we would be very happy to discuss further customisation of the system. Please do contact us to discuss how it could work with your application.