800 series Autofill

autofillThe 800 series Cryostream is now offered with an optional integrated Autofill system, which comprises:

  • Cryostream coldhead and all associated components
  • Autofill-ready 800 series controller
  • Level probe and oscillator box
  • Solenoid valve and cross-piece
  • All Autofill hoses and cables.

The integrated Autofill option means that simply by using the Cryostream 800 controller, the user will be able to:

  • View the remaining level of liquid nitrogen in the 60L Dewar vessel
  • Set the Autofill system to fill the 60 L Dewar once the level falls to a predetermined minimum and stop at a safe maximum, (20% and 80% of the length of the capacitance probe)
  • Set the Autofill system to fill the 60 L Dewar at a convenient timed interval, for example, once every 24 hours
  • Use Cryoconnector and Oxford Connect options to remotely monitor liquid levels via the web and receive warnings if the level falls below a predetermined set point*

The Cryostream with integrated Autofill system is easy to assemble, and will arrive pre-calibrated and optimised for the standard 60L Cryostream Dewar.

* For reasons of safety, it is not possible to activate the flow of liquid nitrogen from a remote location