Global partners

Oxford Cryosystems is proud of its close working relationships with all of the major suppliers of X-ray diffraction equipment.

Our low temperature devices, such as Cryostream, Cobra and Desktop Cooler, can be used with any type of X-ray diffraction apparatus, however as there may be minor adaptations required, we do suggest you contact the relevant diffractometer supplier to discuss how to integrate an Oxford Cryosystems device. Your local agent should also be able to provide you with quotes and specifications for any of our systems.

Sales & Support Center for the Americas

Oxford Cryosystems is delighted to announce the launch of a new sales and service center to serve all of our customers in North and South America and Canada. Molecular Dimensions, based in Florida,  are authorised by Oxford Cryosystems to sell all of our systems and offer service contracts. The center also stocks all necessary parts to maintain your Oxford Cryosystems equipment in optimum condition. Customers contacting the Oxford Cryosystems support center will be able to get technical support, help with shipping and logistical issues and will also be able to purchase spare parts and consumables online, by calling 1-888-750-8901 or by email at

Other Local Agents

China Unite Technology Limited Contact: Xiao Zhang
Japan Tega Science Contact: Shinya Kondo
India HP Instruments Contact: Suresh Pemmaiah
USA Molecular Dimensions Contact: Donald Goodwin