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Oxford Connect web site launched

We are excited to announce the launch of Oxford Connect, our new web site which allows Oxford Cryosystems devices to be controlled over the web.

Please visit Oxford Connect to find out more.

New versions of Cryopad software

New versions of Cryopad, Cryopad DTC and Cryodrive Pad now available- see the Cryopad pages for details

Communication protocols

The documentation for the serial line communication protocols used by 700 series devices (Cryostream, Cobra, N-HeliX and PheniX) and recent GM cryocoolers has been improved and extended: see for details.

Coolstar Cryodrive update

All new Oxford Cryosystems Cryodrives are now compatible with our own control software, Cryodrive Pad, available to download from our website. Cryodrive Pad  allows the easy control and monitoring of the Coolstar Cryodrive and replaces the old Ricor PLCCom software.

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