Welcome to Oxford Cryosystems, a market-leading manufacturer of specialist scientific instrumentation and software.

With well over 2500 Coolers at university departments and companies in over 60 countries around the world, Oxford Cryosystems is probably best known for the Cryostream Cooler, the market-leading low temperature system used in X-ray crystallography (X-ray diffraction), and now available as the new 800 series.

The new 800 series Cryostream

The new 800 Series Cryostream

Our range of coolers comprises both open-flow coolers for single crystal,  and closed chambers for cooling XRD powder samples.

In addition, we offer a range of Gifford McMahon liquid-free Cryocoolers. With base temperatures as low as 10K, these compact coldheads are perfect for incorporating into cryostats, or as an alternative to cryogenic liquids.

Last, but not least, the company prides itself on a range of crystallographic software.